About the "Doctor"

I'm Jim Stark, aka "Doctor Stark." I am not in fact a real doctor, but I do peddle some potent tonics and elixirs that will cure what ails you (as long as what ails you is a lack of pizazz in your cocktails)!

I am an artist by trade. I make and sell art, odd collections and other weird stuff under the name Stark Curiosa. I have always cooked, and consider food and its creation just another form of art. I started fooling around with creating custom syrups for my own personal use in making craft cocktails. I picked up tips from some established mixologists in New York, ran more experiments, made a lot of changes, and finally came up with some delicious recipes. I passed around samples every now and again, andpeople started asking to buy the syrups. The idea became a reality, now we're here. I am always creating new cocktail syrups, so stay tuned for more as Doctor Stark'scabinet of curious flavors expands!

If you find it easier or more convenient, you can also buy Dr. Stark's Elixirs at my Etsy shop or at my Square Market.