My first Flaviar subscription delivery

Recently I signed up for a new subscription service. If you're gonna have a box delivered monthly, it may as well contain some carefully curated collections of spirits, yes? Flaviar's subscription service is flexible, in that you can turn things down, make changes, etc. It's pretty cool. Receiving and opening the package was a premium experience. It's not just sample size bottles stuck in a box!

My first flight is a tour of Irish whiskeys, something I don't really have a lot of experience with outside of your bog-standard Jameson's.


There are even some surprises on the labels...


Even the box it was shipped in had little touches to make you smile...


The average price per bottle of the whiskeys included is around $85 USD. Believe it or not, I did the per-milliliter math here. If you track down each bottle yourself, you will pay about eleven cents per milliliter of delicious Irish courage. Flaviar is charging you seventeen cents per milliliter. You get a reasonable amount, delivered to your door, you aren't committed to full bottles if you don't enjoy it, and you get the cool unboxing experience. And you can use these to host tasting parties. There's enough whiskey here for three people to taste them all.

Did I mention they ship from Slovenia? From SLOVENIA! To my home here in the United States. For what I feel is a very reasonable price. As an aside, I also ordered three bottles of gin from them. American brands. That they imported to Slovenia, then sold back to me and shipped them from their offices. And it was cheaper than going down to my local store and buying them.

I have no idea how they make money. But I am not complaining!

The doctor recommends. Check them out: