Dr. Stark's Elixir del Diablo Simple Syrup


Dr. Stark's Elixir del Diablo Simple Syrup

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Dr. Stark's Elixir del Diablo Simple Syrup is The Elixir To Cure What Ails You!*

In accordance with all known laws of science and nature, Stark Curiosa presents to you a seemingly magical elixir with astonishing properties!

Many years ago, Dr. Stark took a trip down to Old Mexico in search of lost cures and ancient elixirs. After weeks of intense, hot, dusty traveling travels, he found himself deep in the Oaxaca Valley, in a small village known as San Miguel del Valle. The good doctor came upon an old woman, cooking something that seemed to radiate waves of smokey heat from the bubbling liquid. Knowing but a few words in Spanish, he managed to compliment the delicious scent and ask the old woman what she was cooking. Her reply came fast, and with a twinkle in her eye she said simply "Del diablo mejores pimientos , señor."

The devil's finest peppers.

Dr. Stark spent weeks with the old woman, trying to understand her words, and at the same time, understanding the nature of the chilies with which she worked. He teased out the secrets of both the woman and her chilies. They spent their time attempting various combinations of peppers when it was discovered that there was something missing.
"Tamarind," said the old woman. "Tamarind will make it perfect." They continued to experiment until a perfect balance of flavor, sweetness and heat was achieved. Upon tasting what would be their final batch together, the old woman turned to the doctor and said, in plain English, "Go now, and bring the devil's peppers back to your family and friends. I have no more to teach you."

"You've spoken perfect English this entire time?" he asked?
"Of course I have, Doctor." she smiled as she replied. "But you must study a food with the words it was created with. The spirit of these peppers is the spirit of this valley, and as such the spirit of Mexico. Go and share this spirit with those who cannot make the journey you have made."

Dr. Stark has returned to bring you his Elixir del Diablo Simple Syrup, a mix of 6, 6, 6 kinds of chiles and other sweet peppers, along with the purest organic agave syrup. The balance of heat and sweetness, along with a hint of smoke, will enliven any cocktail, and make a delicious dipping sauce for meats and vegetables!

Dr. Stark's Elixir del Diablo Simple Syrup is made in small batches, hand-crafted and meticulously prepared. It begins with six kinds of Mexican chiles and three kinds of sweet peppers, along with tamarind nectar and fresh tamarind. This beautiful concoction is boiled and simmered until the entirety of all the flavor is extracted and then the agave syrup is added and allowed to thicken into a magical elixir with such desirable properties! Notice that no other additives are mentioned. You can be assured that this is a delicious and simple product. As such, it should be kept under refrigeration throughout its life and shaken before use.

Ladies and gentlemen, this tonic, this elixir, this magical remedy for tired taste buds can be in your home very soon if you act now!

*Dr. Stark is not a real doctor and these products make no actual health claims.


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